A downloadable game for Windows

Knossos is a brief & eerie Puzzle/RPG set in a ever-growing Labyrinth.

The design and premise draws inspiration from cyclical-structure games, first-person dungeon-crawlers of old, and the Greek legend of Theseus and the Minotaur. It was created over the course of 2 weeks for the summer My First Game Jam

It also features some awful 4 am last minute writing, and some sloppy programming.


Arrows/WASD to navigate

Enter to Select/Open the first-person menu

Tab/Q to back out of said menu

Escape to quit.

Ambient song used: nxI2016-07-12_00_20_40-A-2016-07-12_04_00_24 By Miquel Parera

All other sounds and art were created by me.

Knossos may not be a particularly good game, but its the first game I've actually developed to completion.

And that means a lot, to me at least.

: )


Knossos.exe 38 MB


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congrats on your first game! i love anything with a hellenic theme, so i was stoked to give this a try! i'm impressed with the amount of mechanics and features going on here, and i'm digging the contrast in the graphics -- black and white might have been a bit too stark, but black and gray creates a nice, gloomy, appropriately labyrinthine atmosphere.

thank you so much! : )